The Anti-Choice community in northwest Arkansas said prayers were answered when the Fayetteville Women's Clinic announced it would close July 31. What was ignored was the reason for this clinic shutting it's doors. Was it because the clinics head doctor realized his "wicked ways" and decided to repent? Hardly. It was because the practitioner in question needed to focus on his battle with cancer and his family. Apparently, a dire health crisis and a father needing to focus on his family is a "gift from God" and a reason to rejoice.
     This is hardly the end of the story. The Fayetteville Women's Clinic was one of only two clinics in Arkansas. The remaining clinic to perform surgical abortions is located in Little Rock. Arkansas has been transformed into another Mississippi: a state where woman's access to reproductive freedom is incredibly impaired and incredibly unfair.
     Not only has the anti-choice community decided to treat this man's cancer as a blessing, they will be holding a rally outside the closed clinic in "celebration".

We need a strong pro-choice counter-presence available at the former clinics location: 1011 North College Avenue on Saturday, Aug. 28 at 10AM. At this time many involved in 40 Days for Life will be holding a "celebration" of Dr. William Harrison's cancer. Please comment here or email if you would like to spearhead a counter-protest in less than a week.