First, I want to say a HUGE thank-you to EVERYONE who has helped promote the twitter account AND the page! I could not do this without you!
Second, I want to say this CAN NOT be done without you! I need you to email or tweet any info you can that will help me improve the site. If something seems lacking TELL ME, if something is wrong TELL ME, if you want to complain about something on the site DO NOT HOLD BACK! I did not create this site to stroke my own ego and feel pride in doing something small.

Which gets me to the reason for this entry: Why I Started this site.

Aside from my obvious pro-choice stance, I started this site out of compassion for ALL WOMEN.

Most of the organizations and medical centers that offer abortion services offer a wide range of reproductive health services  to the local community. Interestingly, though in no way surprising to me, these medical offices often are the main source of health care for those who need affordable health care. Keep this fact in mind as I paint a picture:
You are a poor woman who cannot afford health care. A short walk or bus-ride down the road is your local planned parenthood. They offer affordable pap-smear and other gynecological testing, affordable birth control, and tons of valuable health information. To get your yearly pap-smear you have to walk past a crowd of people, often loud and shouting at you but sometimes peacefully praying. When they are loud, they suck. It hurts you. They have NO IDEA what you are doing there yet they are 100% comfortable judging you as a god-less, sinful person. When they are quiet and praying, the judgment is still obvious and still hurtful.

I created this site to help that woman access the clinic with an ally. I created this site to bring extra clinic escorts and volunteers to clinics under the constant assault of judging eyes/voices. I created this site to bring awareness to clinic harassment being about MORE than an exercise of ones 1st amendment rights; it's about intimidating and shaming women away from practicing their own rights to privacy.

I encourage you ALL to share your stories with your volunteerism or with visiting one of the many clinics targeted. Please visit the blog and share your comments on the blog.
8/5/2010 03:48:43 am

I was really impressed with the Pittsburg PA Planned Parenthood that had to Pledge a Picketer campaign in which you signed up for a clinic day and pledged to donate depending on how many pro-life picketers showed up at the clinic. I think it fabulously flipped the funnel on the people who came. Sure they could feel like they were being heard but they also knew that for each person hundreds of dollars were being donated to their nemesis.

8/8/2010 01:40:09 pm

I also participated in Planned Parenthood's "Pledge a Protester" campaign a couple of years ago. I can't afford it now, but I think it's a good way to put anti-choice zealots in a catch 22. I wonder if the protesters know that they're helping to raise money for something that they hate (i.e., women's health).

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