So you're interested in counter-protest? While I 100% support your right to counter-protest in what ever way you see fit, here are some ideas to help keep it productive.

  1. The most awesome form of counter-protest you can engage in is to be a clinic escort! As escorts job is to walk with and support women who will be visiting the clinic in question. An escort is a buffer between harassment and that woman's freedom of choice and escorts are a much needed cog in the counter-protest movement.
  2. If you see an anti-choice group protesting in a public park, feel free to match their vigor. Speak your mind. Keep a level head. If you see an anti-choice group protesting outside a clinic, keep in mind that an escalation in your voice could disrupt the clinic even more. No one wants to enter a battlefield and seeing two groups shout back and forth will not make anyone feel welcome.
  3. With the previous thought in mind, I am sure MANY clinics have no problem with pro-choice volunteers creating a physical barrier between anti-choice protesters and clinic patients.  Contact the clinic ahead of time for information on how best to be a buffer. 
  4. Never ever EVER let an anti-choice protester get under your skin. Try to keep a level head, and keep the discourse civil. It will be hard, but your calm will be rewarded with respect for what we REALLY stand for: Women's Rights
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